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  • BE READY 2015 – TEXAS

    Houston, Texas (Quality Wellness Report) – BE READY2015 PLEASANTVILLE is designed to outreach and inform communities, assemblies, businesses, and organizations about proper balance of mental and physical health; and to promote physical activity for families in Houston’s Pleasantville and surrounding global communities. BR15 will provide …

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  • Stand up straight…Sit up…Don’t Slump

    Stand up straight…Sit up…Don’t Slump, all advice given by your parents when you were a child.  But they never told you why.  Ideally you want to stand, walk, sit or lie in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments when …

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  • Golfer Fit Training

    Golfer Fit Training Dedicated to a commitment of excellence, Paul Queen of Sports for Wellness Golf Achieve – Houston program has designed a Total Performance Enhancement program to accommodate today’s student athlete. Utilizing training programs designed for the elite athlete, the GTPE will take any …

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"We at QUALITY WELLNESS wish you prosperity, good health and a prosperous balance of body and soul."

~ Paul Queen